Derg AC Track & Field Development

Derg AC, in partnership with Clarisford Park Ltd and Ballina Killaloe RFC, was granted planning permission in July 2017 for the development of a 200m all-weather running track, flood lights, throw area, long jump and a rugby training area within Clarisford Park. Derg AC is now a leaseholder of the track and long jump area in Clarisford Park.Sept 2017 NewsLetter

All Stars

Congratulations to Tadgh McKeogh, Archie McNamera and Larry Arthur who are awarded County Sports Star Awards. They will receive their awards on Friday 2nd Feb at the Auburn Lodge Hotel.

Fit4Life 2018

Our fit for life program is starting on Tuesday January 9th. All are welcome including beginners See Athletics Ireland for more details about the program

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Fit4Teens programme is aimed at youths aged 12-19 who would like to get fit in a fun, non-competitive environment.

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Athletics year runs from Jan - Dec. Fees can be paid at either the Saturday or Tuesday training session. Click More Details for Registration forms.

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Senior Club

The Senior section of the club has been up and running since mid- 2014. This year DERG AC will have athletes competing on the track, indoors, cross country and road throughout the course of the year across all competition grades including Masters, Novice, Intermediate and Senior Level

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Child Safety

To help ensure the safety of your children attending athletics, could we ask you to ensure that the children in your care are accompanied to the paddock gate by an adult and that they are signed in. Children should also be collected from the paddock gate. Please inform the children in your care that the only time they can leave the paddock during training is when they are accompanied by coaches. If they need to use the toilet during training, they must be escorted by their parent or alternatively by two adults.